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The EMTM Alumni Club was founded in 1999 in response to the need for ongoing interaction between fellow graduates and with Stevens faculty. The alumni community consists of over 850 professionals encompassing a broad range of industries, and functional disciplines. They include entrepreneurs, CIOs, CTOs and people in all levels of management.  The Alumni Club provides a conduit for networking, social interaction and information exchange for the graduates of the EMTM and EMBA program. Through social gatherings, " networking nights ", business symposiums and consulting or technology sharing events,  the Club seeks to provide its members with virtual meeting place conducive to continuous learning and problem solving, and an outlet for networking. Specifically, it seeks to:

  • Provide a Virtual Meeting Place for all Stevens' EMTM and EMBA Alumni, Students and Faculty.
  • Encourage communication, information sharing and collaboration among members.
  • Provide a forum for alumni who are seeking new job opportunities to both find jobs and to list their resumes for alumni seeking to fill job openings that match their profile.

No matter how near or how far, you are here!

The EMTM Alumni club welcomes new members from the Class of 2011 (EMTM 18)


The EMTM Alumni Club provides a forum for professional networking and social opportunities, a place to share lessons learned and celebrate the successful accomplishments of members.

The Club strives to be an action-oriented society that measures its success on the strength of its accomplishments while reducing the barriers that hamper members from participating. The EMTM Club also coordinates its activities with Stevens Institute of Technology's main alumni club and other related organizations.

We will accomplish our mission by creating and sustaining an interactive, knowledge based organization that maintains a finger on the pulse of technology management.We look forward to seeing you at alumni event very soon.

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If you do not have a password yet as an EMTM Alumnus, please contact us.