MBA for Experienced Professionals (EMBA)

Students who have several years' experience in the workplace return to school for many reasons, but one common link is the desire for a program that leverages their past experiences to help them prepare for an ever-changing business landscape. That's a specialty of the EMBA program at Stevens. Here, students enjoy challenging, high-level learning that prepares them for management roles through a curriculum that emphasizes group project work and an ability to analyze the technology that's creating opportunities in business, from finance and marketing to entrepreneurship, decision making and design thinking.

The EMBA is designed with busy professionals in mind. Classes meet every other Saturday and are conducted in cohort fasion, so students develop a close network of like-minded professionals who they'll work closely with on a variety of group projects that will challenge how they think not only about business, but also leadership and teamwork. Courses emphasize practical, relevant lessons that are learned in class Saturday and applied on the job Monday. Outside the classroom, students take part in an offsite retreat that allows them to put their leadership training to test, and travel abroad to get a firsthand taste of how business is conducted in a foreign country. 

The program is completed in just under three years, and is designed for students with at least five years' professional work experience.