Message from the Director

The major concern for experienced students considering graduate school is ensuring their degree represents a true value add for their career. The EMBA program at Stevens takes this concern very seriously. Courses in this degree program teach professionals to think strategically about issues related to technology and business, to ensure they bring the right perspective to problems and opportunities in their industries. Students get a deeper appreciation for the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in business processes, and are taught how to effectively manage innovation to hasten product and service development. They also learn how to assess and introduce emerging technologies to improve business processes and prospects.

At Stevens, we designed the EMBA to fit into the busy schedules of today's professionals. Classes meet every other Saturday, to limit disruptions, and courses are incredibly relevant — lessons from Saturday can be applied at work Monday. We also include a weekend leadership retreat, where students put lessons from class to work in overcoming an obstacle course, and a global business component that includes a trip to a foreign country, to meet with local executives and learn about the business culture. 

I would be delighted to speak with you about what sets the Stevens EMBA apart, and the opportunities and successes our alumni have enjoyed. Please contact me to speak in greater detail about this program. 


Brian Rothschild
Director, Graduate Management Programs 
(201) 216-3677
[email protected]