Message from the Coordinator

The BI&A program was designed over a 6-month period with the help of industry experts to address the special problems and opportunities associated with the huge amount of data generated by business transactions, social media, mobile devices, telephone networks and physical sensors.*

It is aimed at quantitatively-oriented students with undergraduate degrees in science, mathematics, computer science and engineering. This kind of program represents an unprecedented opportunity for quantitatively gifted students to connect with industry and to pursue careers in financial services, life sciences, retail and media, and other industries where the demand for analytical skills is almost insatiable.

In addition to providing the analytical skills required in the world of “big data,” the BI&A program emphasizes practical applications and the development of softer skills such as the ability to communicate complex analytical results and ethical reasoning.

Edward (Ted) Stohr
Program Coordinator, Business Intelligence & Analytics
[email protected]

* McKinsey and Co., who coined the term “Big Data,’ state that there will be a need for anywhere between 120,000 to 190,000 people with analytical skills in the U.S. in the next five years or so.