Connecting to Students

* There is an unprecedented demand for graduates with strong business analytical skills *. The BI&A program is all about connections and networking between students and companies. In addition to the many extra-curricular activities that provide students with opportunities to meet representatives from leading companies in the business analytics field, we provide a number of more formal mechanisms for companies seeking students and students seeking employment.

Stevens’ Office of Career Services provides opportunities for companies to post advertisements for full-time, part-time and internship opportunities for BI&A and other graduate students.

These include:

  • Job Postings*
  • Resume Searches
  • On-Campus Recruiting
  • Career Fair Registrations

* Information about full-time or internship openings can also be sent directly to the BI&A Program Coordinator at [email protected]

BI&A Internships and Practicum

The BI&A program seeks opportunities for students to work in industry on real data-analytic problems. As part of the required “practicum” course, students work with both an industry and a faculty mentor on a “big-data” problem of interest to the company. There is no charge to sponsor a practicum project and strict confidentiality is maintained.

Please let us know how we can best work together by sending requests to the BI&A Program Coordinator at: [email protected]

Sponsorship Opportunity: Fellowships for MS in BI&A Students

To provide much-needed financial assistance to students and to help your company locate excellent employee prospects, the BI&A program has established a “BI&A Fellows Program:”

Prospective and current students interested in participating in the Fellows Program will submit an application together with their CV to the director of the BI&A program. Representatives of your company will be invited to interview and select one or more students from the pool of applicants. The selected student will be known as a “(Company name) Fellow.” Throughout their program of studies, a close relationship will be established through the fellow’s visits to your company, possible employment as an intern, and participation with your company in the “practicum” component of the BI&A program.

The suggested minimum level of scholarship support is $5,000.