BI&A Student Projects

Throughout the curriculum students have an opportunity to build a portfolio of their work comprising relevant projects and assignments  - which highlight their understanding of the application of relevant theory and methods to solving real world business problems.


Data Intermediaries in Two-Sided markets
Kedar Thakur, M.S. BI&A Email: [email protected]
Sujana Veeraganti, M.S. BI&A Email: [email protected]

Machine Learning in Movie Studios
Kurt C. Kachidza, M.S. BI&A Email: [email protected]



Identifying Adolescents at High Risk for Teen Pregnancy
John Procyk

Wine – Classification of Taste by Chemical Measurements 
Laura Sills

Forecasting Solar Energy Production
Jorge Madrazo, Colin Mills, Michael Placentra II


Research on Sensor Data Mining in Healthcare
Mami Kobayashi

Initiating Data Stream Models for Revenue Generating Analytics In Financial Services
Michael Serpico

Workforce Analytics – Skills Assessment
Sindhu Thomas