Student Testimonials

   Michael Serpico

   B.S. Finance, Lehigh University, 2009

“The Business Intelligence and Analytics program is on the cutting edge for training 21st century workers. The news is filled with discussions of "Big Data" projects and its potential effects for society. In the coming years, the techniques, insights and newly developed tools of this field will affect everything from medicine, climate studies, and national security, to marketing, finance, and political campaigns. The BI&A program at Stevens gives us the technical skills for immediate credibility as a player in this emerging field.”

Chamunorwa (Kurt) Kachidza

M.Sc. in Physics, Clarkson University, 2009

“The Stevens Business Intelligence and Analytics degree is excellent in that it is the perfect amalgamation of the theoretical underpinnings of critical business and information technology concepts and the pragmatism. This combination is necessary for one to become a useful contributor in any industry falling under the purview of this nascent field. Though the sample space for a definitive comparison is rather small, as is true with all new programs, the better grasp of the interface between the business and information technology sectors the BI&A program it has given me in so short a time is a great testament to its intrinsic value. Add to that Stevens proximity to the de facto financial capital of the world, then the program’s value increases even more.”

Sujana Veeraganti

B. Eng., BNM Institute of Technology Bangalore, 2010

“The MS program in Business Intelligence & Analytics at Stevens Institute of Technology is a very unique program. This course offers a unique blend of business, statistics and analytic skills giving me an edge over people with similar backgrounds. This is the one of the few programs offering an industry-oriented capstone course, which gives a very good exposure to international students like me. The MS- BI&A program has so far been an amazing experience which has helped me learn a great combination of hands-on and theoretical knowledge. A family member is an alumnus of the University and recommended Stevens very strongly to me. I would go further and highly recommend the MS in BI&A program at Stevens Institute of Technology to anyone without a second thought.”






Le Shen


M.Sc. in information and Telecom Engineering, Xidian University, Xi’an, China, 2002

"I had a strong feeling that the BI&A program would prepare me for a useful and promising professional career so I joined the program without hesitation.  Stevens is closely linked with industry and we are fortunate to have many opportunities to meet with business people in the analytics field and to communicate with them and learn from them. This helps us keep abreast of developments in industry and to understand the links between the concepts we learn in the program and practical work. I have learned a lot from studying at Stevens Institute of Technology. I feel happy that I chose this program and more confident about my future..”