Opportunities for Stevens Undergraduate Students

Graduate BI&A Courses

Students in their junior or senior years who have a GPA of 3.3 or above may take additional BI&A graduate courses that are not part of the requirements for their undergraduate degree. Such courses may count towards a 4-course graduate certificate in BI&A or, if the student satisfies the admission requirements, up to four such courses may be counted towards the BI&A degree. In effect, this accelerates progress towards the attainment of the MS degree.

To apply: Contact the Program Director by email at: [email protected]

Four-plus-one Program

The Howe School offers a unique four-plus-one (five-year) program designed for exceptional Stevens undergraduate engineering and science students who wish to jointly pursue an MS in Business Intelligence and Analytics concurrently with their undergraduate degree. Admission to the program is by application only and is based on a superior academic record, relevant industry experience as a coop or intern, and demonstrated systems perspective.

To apply: Contact the Program Director by email at: [email protected]