IBM Academic Initiative


Stevens is a member of the IBM Academic Initiative, a partnership that provides faculty and student access and training on a variety of IBM products. Thanks to IBM’s generosity, we are able to enhance our graduate program in Business Intelligence and Analytics with additional resources in the areas of database and business intelligence (BI) technologies including DB2 and Cognos. Both DB2 and Cognos are industrial strength products widely used in industry.

Our partnership with IBM will help our students prepare for their careers in industry. Specific benefits include:

• The use of DB2, a leading commercial database system, throughout our program.

• Students in our data warehousing and business intelligence course will have the opportunity to use COGNOS for projects in the areas of business intelligence, financial performance and other analytics applications.

• Access to other data analytics software that is widely used in industry including SPSS Enterprise Miner

• Availability of educational materials including self-paced tutorials and videos about big data software.