Message from the Club President


Hello and welcome to our Graduate Student Club. 

I am very grateful for being given the amazing opportunity of becoming the President of BIAC.

The BI&A program at Stevens is an already amazing platform for personal and professional growth. My goal is to help the club members in their career exploration and professional development. This will not be easy, which is why forming a close community with as many participants as possible will be crucial. My team and I will work towards facilitating many on-campus and on-site events focusing on areas such as networking, skill building and interview preparation.

I intend to introduce new initiatives, targeting certain areas that would greatly benefit students who have no prior industry experience in order to help them get an equal footing when it is time to begin their career search. I personally have many ideas that I would like to see implemented. However, I know that every person in the program, including faculty, probably has some great ideas as well. Please reach out to us as we will always be looking for new opportunities to enrich the member experience and make it a valuable one.

Thank you and I look forward to working with all of you!

Best Regards,

Alek Liskov, BIAC President
M.S. Business Intelligence & Analytics '15