MSIS Off Campus Classes

Important information for Off-Campus classes

If you are attending at a corporate-sponsored location or at another off-campus location (e.g. Hanover, Ramsey) this is the web page where you will find information about your MSIS program.

Your procedures and schedules are specialized and different from the MSIS student who is attending classes on weeknights on campus. The primary difference is that your program is "lock step." This means you will stay with the same group of students and take all your classes together and in a pre-set sequence.

The admissions letter that you received from Stevens is a standard form letter for all graduate students. It does NOT cover the aspects of your program that differ from the standard program. Refer to the information here rather than the information in your letter. In most cases, you will not have to do anything before you attend your first class. You do not have to contact your faculty advisor unless you have a special situation that is an exception from the normal process.

Study Plans

As a result of the lock-step nature of the program, you will not need to create an individual study plan. A standard study plan will be given to you in your first class. This study plan will show the required courses for the concentration selected by your location. 

Academic Requirements

Your admission letter may have information under the title "Academic Requirements" (lower part of the second page). Anything required here has been determined during your admission process and you must fulfill these requirements. Here are the typical entries:

  • "Must receive a grade of B or better in first two courses" This is required when a student's undergraduate GPA is low.


You do NOT register before classes start. As a courtesy to our students in the lock-step programs, we provide enrollment forms on the first day of class. You will fill these out and they will be processed a few days after your first class.

If you try to register on line you will be prevented from doing so by the computer system. The system is designed to work this way to prevent students who are not in your specialized program from registering in your classes.

You cannot be locked-out of classes because they are full. The classes are set up for you and your space is reserved.


The lock-step programs run on a different calendar from the standard weeknight programs. For example, typically the first class for weeknight programs is in the last week of August, whereas the first class for Saturday and off-campus programs is after Labor Day.

You will receive a welcome email or letter from your faculty advisor with information about the start date for your program.

Corporate and other off-campus programs usually begin at 5:30 P.M. in their locations.


Text books and other materials are available at the Stevens Campus Store , or from an on-line source. Fees

Your admission letter will contain information about fees. These fees differ at different off-campus locations. In your first class you will receive a bill that outlines the tuition costs and fees. This will reflect the correct fees for your program.

Financial Questions

If you have questions about financial issues, financial aid, scholarships, etc., please go to . Your faculty advisor cannot help you with financial matters. The faculty advisor role handles academic advising only.

myStevens ID and Moodle ID

You will receive information about your IDs for accessing course materials and Stevens administrative services. You will not be assigned your IDs and PWs until your enrollment forms are processed. Therefore you will be attending your first class prior to having authorization to access any on-line systems.

Your instructors are aware of this and will not expect you to be able to access course materials immediately.

Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Student Support Center : [email protected]