The MS-MBA in Technology Management is a dual degree program enabling MBA-TM students to graduate with an MS degree in addition to their MBA-TM degree. The combination of M.S. and MBA-TM degrees provides students with further in-depth knowledge in their choice of specialization while being prepared for managerial positions in their organizations. Students will have all the benefits and flexibility of our Flex-MBA program and the unique strengths of our M.S programs. This coordinated degree program requires students to take an additional four (4) courses beyond their MBA-TM degree for a total of 24 courses (72 credits). The additional coursework enables students to specialize in more than one topic area. The admission criteria for the dual degree program are the same as those for the MS/MBA program.  Students intending a dual degree should complete their study plan making sure they add the four additional courses to the appropriate section of the MBA study plan, and have it approved by their advisor.