Information Management

Information Management

The Information Management Graduate Certificate program is concerned with the relationship between business management and information systems knowledge. There is a pressing need for information systems which effectively support the strategic objectives of the organization.  As a result, the individuals using, creating, and managing such systems have to be more familiar with the business and information technology side of their organization than was necessary in the past.  They will be able to specify, develop and manage information systems as a strategic organizational resource. The Graduate Certificate program in Information Management emphasizes the management skills and the knowledge required to make efficient and effective use of information in the organization.


Four courses are required for the Graduate Certificate in Information Management : Students without academic or industry experience in Information Management will be required to take:
MGT 679 Management Information Systems
or MGT 698 Information Management
in addition to the above required courses.

Master of Science in Management

Stevens will grant a  Master of Science in Management with concentration in Information Management degree after the successful completion of eight additional graduate courses.