Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Systems

Mainframes are the essential computing vehicle for the world's largest, most influential organizations. The IS Enterprise Systems program at Stevens Howe School provides vital knowledge necessary to address the management and architectural challenges for leveraging large systems (e.g., mainframe computing). Mainframes are one of the most mature, reliable, robust, and scalable computing options available today, however knowledge of the mainframe architecture can be difficult to acquire, particularly for established and emerging managers. The IS Enterprise Systems Program, created in collaboration with IBM, provides students in the Master of Science - Information Systems Program with the opportunity to learn about large systems in the context of strategic IT planning. A four course Graduate Certificate is also available. Businesses can leverage large systems to improve service, reduce support costs, and scale their e-businesses to meet incredibly challenging demands.

As personal computers and UNIX grew in popularity, a misconception arose that mainframes would ultimately be replaced. Quite the contrary; organizations that process high volumes of vital transactions have found that large systems are the perfect solution for delivering the service that business and customers demand. Main-frames are relied on today by banks, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, and a range of manufacturers that run their most critical business on mainframes. Most importantly, the new mainframe is connected to the network, making it the ideal enterprise server environment.

Organizations are increasingly relying on large systems to host their complex Linux, web server, and ecommerce environments. The flexibility, reliability, and robustness make large systems the optimal choice for many types of businesses. Technology managers, therefore, must have an understanding of the functionality and strategic technical values of large systems.

Program Overview

The IS Enterprise Systems Master's Degree and Certificate Programs provide exposure to enterprise systems to provide IT professionals with a broad overview of the large systems technical environment, emphasizing IS management issues. The program is available as a concentration in both the MSIS and MBA degrees as well as a four course Graduate Certificate.


MIS 610 Managing Enterprise Systems
MIS 620 Analysis and Development of Information Systems
MIS 731 Integrating IS Technologies on the Mainframe

Students in the IS Enterprise Systems concentration can choose from the following Computer Science and Engineering courses in order to complete the four-course certificate: MIS 710 Process Innovation and Management
MIS 730 Integrating IS Technologies
MIS 750 Management of IT Organizations
CS 526 Systems Programming for Enterprise Computing
CS 549 Distributed Systems
SDOE 780 Engineering of Agile Systems and Enterprises
SDOE 790 Design of Agile Systems and Enterprises

Students are expected to have professional experience working with mainframe computing systems and must satisfy any course prerequisites to be admitted to the program.