Ting Gao

Ting Gao

Area of Study: Project Management



Ting Gao is a doctoral candidate at the Howe School of Technology Management, Stevens Institute of Technology. She has co-authored several papers and one book in the field of project management. Her research area is focused on stakeholder management, risk and uncertainty management in project settings. She is a member of the Project Management Institute.

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Active Research Projects: A Dynamic Approach to Stakeholder Theory for Temporary Organizations

Selected Publications

  1. Thomas G. Lechler, Ting Gao and Barbara H. Edington (2013). The Silver Lining of Unknown-Unknowns. Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute
  2. Thomas G. Lechler, Barbara H. Edington, and Ting Gao (2012). Challenging Classic Project Management: Turning Project Uncertainties Into Business Opportunities. Project Management Journal, 43(6), 59-69
  3. Thomas G. Lechler and Ting Gao, “Explaining Project Success with Client Expectation Alignment: An Empirical Study”, Proc. PMI Research and Education 2012, Limerick, Ireland, July 2012