Kai Wang

Kai Wang

Area of Study: Creativity Support Systems, Innovation Management



With MS degrees in engineering and creative studies, my interest is focused on creativity, information systems, and innovation management.

Contact: [email protected]           


Active Research Projects

  1. Theoretical and empirical study on using information systems to support creative work
  2. Experimental work on the effect of monetary reward on creative performance

Selected Publications

  1. Wang, K., Nickerson, J.V., & Sakamoto, Y. (2013). Crowdsourced idea generation: The effect of exposure to an original idea. The 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems, Chicago, IL.
  2. Wang, K. (2013). Practice of creativity techniques and processes in business settings. Portland International Conference for Management of Engineering and Technology, San Jose, CA.
  3. Wang, K., Nickerson, J.V. (2014). Designing individual creativity support systems. Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.