Jie Ren

Jie Ren

Area of Study: Crowdsourcing, social media, open innovation









Jie Ren is a fifth-year PhD student in Howe School of Technology Management. She is expecting to graduate in May of 2014. After graduation, she will join Fordham University as a tenure-track assistant professor in the Information Systems department, starting September 2014.

Jie's research focuses on online collective behaviors. She is interested in understanding the business impact of these behaviors, especially in the field of marketing and innovation. This research has appeared in major academic outlets such as Decision Support Systems, AMCIS and the Workshop on Information in Networks.

Contact: [email protected]           


Working Papers

  1. "Online Review Systems: How emotional language affects sales" (with Jeff Nickerson)
  2. "Do Negative Online Reviews Always Hurt Sales? The role of product type and product price" (with Jeff Nickerson)
  3. "Exploring the Causality between Online Reviews and Sales" (with Jeff Nickerson)

Selected Publications

  1. Ren, J., Nickerson, J. V., Mason, W., Sakamoto, Y. and Graber, B. Increasing the Crowd’s Capacity to Create: How Alternative Generation Affects the Diversity, Relevance and Effectiveness of Generated Ads, Decision Support Systems. Special Issue on Social Decision Making and Crowdsourcing (Forthcoming).
  2. Ren, J., and Nickerson, J. V. (2013). Examining the Relationship Between Online Review Sentiment and Sales, Workshops of Information Networks, Oct. 4-5, NYC, NY
  3. Ren, J. (2011). Who is More Creative, Experts or the Crowd? Proceedings of the 17th Americas Conference on Information Systems, Aug. 4-7, Detroit, MI.