Huaye Li

Huaye Li

Area of Study: Collective
Intelligence, Social Media Analytics,
Data Mining, Judgment and Decision Making





Huaye Li is a Ph.D. candidate at Stevens Institute of Technology. Huaye Li obtained her B.S. degree (Mathematics and Statistics) from Zhejiang Gongshang University in 2008 and M.Ed degree (Educational Measurement and Statistics) from University of South Florida in 2010. Huaye Li's research interests focus on collective intelligence, data mining, social media analytics, judgment and decision making in online environment, and social computing.

Contact: [email protected]           


Selected Publications

  1. Mithani, M.,&Li, H. (2013) Performance feedback and corporate social performance. Academic Conference on Social Responsibility 2013. Tacoma, Washington, USA.
  2. Li, H., & Sakamoto, Y. (2013). The influence of collective opinion on true-false judgment and information-sharing decision. Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society 2013. Berlin, Germany.

Selected Presentations

  1. Chen, R., Li, H., Tanaka, Y., & Sakamoto, Y. (April 2013). Leveraging social media for disaster response. Innovation Expo. Stevens Institute of Technology.
  2. Li, H., Chen, R., & Sakamoto, Y. (August 2012). The thinking behind decisions to spread disaster-related tweets. Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. Japan