Elias Aleman

Elias Aleman

Area of Study: Strategic Management





My current research area is heterogeneity or diversity in executive teams. Diversity (in functional background, gender, race and so forth) has been a recurrent topic in management literature for last 50 years, as it has been shown that, under certain circumstances, can improve the performance of the team. One emerging diversity or heterogeneity factor in American teams is the global character of senior executives: if they were born overseas, were educated overseas or have overseas work experience.

I obtained a Master in Management from Stevens Institute of Technology, a specialization in Development Project Management from the National University of Engineering (Nicaragua) and a BSc. in Civil Engineering from the Catholic University (Nicaragua). In Nicaragua I worked as an executive for a local investment firm and was directly involved in the planning, valuation and government lobbying of tax incentives for dozens of investment projects with foreign seed capital, for up to USD 150 million, mainly in the hospitality industry. I also collaborated with the Department of Small Business Services of the City of New York to develop a cost estimation tool for the restaurant industry, to assist restaurant owners in the elaboration of preliminary business plans with accurate projections of the market and secure financing.

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Active Research Projects: Antecedents to Top Management Teams Globalization, CEO’s Hiring Decisions in S&P100 firms

Recent Publications

  1. Aleman, E., Murphy, A., Aronson, Z.H. (2013). An examination of the antecedents of TMT global diversity, Strategic Management Society Conference, Atlanta, GA