Ph.D. Curriculum

The Ph.D. requires 54 graduate credit hours of coursework beyond the master's degree, including the completion of a comprehensive examination and the preparation and oral defense of a dissertation. Earning a Ph.D. takes approximately four to five years of full-time study, split between taking courses, doing research and writing a dissertation. You will work closely with a faculty adviser who will guide you through the doctoral requirements.

To obtain the Ph.D., you must:

  • Demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of research methodology, statistics, management theory, computational methods and microeconomics. To fulfill this requirement, candidates must successfully complete a basic set of core courses and pass a qualifying exam.
  • Successfully complete and present of an essay-length research paper after your second year.
  • Successfully complete the Ph.D. comprehensive examinations.
  • Participate in designated doctoral seminars and/or workshops throughout the program.
  • Successfully present a written proposal and defend a doctoral dissertation. The faculty must approve the topic and methodology in advance.