Five-Year Strategic Plan

The intersection between business and technology, once a stoplight where two streets met, has widened to become a ramp linking major highways. The School of Business at Stevens has long been a skilled navigator, providing students with a rigorous, practical education that provides the right blend of disciplines to train future leaders in finance, data analysis, information systems and project management.

In 2012, the school launched an ambitious strategic plan to attract and train students seeking to develop the social and technical skills required to lead in a world of rapid change and pressing challenges.

The strategic plan is aimed at fulfilling its mission of being a business school with technology at its core that has a positive impact in its community and throughout the world. It is built around four strategic priorities: identity, impact, quality and engagement, and growth and diversity. Each of these pillars is designed to help the school realize its vision: To be a leading business school widely recognized for superior technology-focused and student-centric educational programs and research.

We're excited to share our vision for the future of our school with you. The highlights of our plan are presented below; for a complete version, please download a copy of our strategic plan.