An inside look at what's happening at Howe

Leadership Put to Test at West Point

There are few better places better than West Point for Stevens master's students to learn about leadership, teamwork, communication and ethics. Students cooperated to overcome obstacles and add a practical dimension to their studies during a weekend retreat. Full story>>

Training Finance Managers to Think Quantitatively

When the Howe School rolls out its new master's degree in Finance next fall, it will give professionals a technology-flavored appreciation for the future of an industry that's been in a constant state of evolution over the past decade, with many more changes to come. Full story>>

Real-World Investment Lessons

An honors seminar for undergraduate students is inviting a series of executives from the corporate world to share their perspectives on investment management, further rounding out Stevens' practical business programs. Full story>>

Other highlights in this issue

In his message, Dean Gregory Prastacos discusses the ubiquity of Big Data, and how Stevens researchers are working to find answers that will translate to practical strategies for companies. ... Speaking of Big Data, IEEE brought an initiative to the campus, where top researchers and practitioners discussed the future of Big Data. ... Howe School faculty claimed significant grant funding from the National Science Foundation recently. ... A Stevens alumnus credits his classroom training, in part, with helping him file a patent application ... Guest speakers brought a range of innovative perspectives on their industries to a pair of lecture series on campus. 

Download the complete Winter 2014 issue here.

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