Special message from Tom Moschello '63, President of the Stevens Alumni Association

On Saturday, May 31, 2014, President Farvardin led a conversation with the many alumni present for the Presidential Address during Alumni Weekend 2014. He shared the latest statics about the rising demand for a Stevens education, the improvements made to Stevens’ operating budget and finances, as well as the latest reports on the positive post-graduation outcomes of Stevens’ alumni. A key issue explored by the group  centered around the decline in overall alumni participation and its effect on Stevens national university rankings.



A special message from Tom Moschello '63, President of the Stevens Alumni Association

As president of the Stevens Alumni Association, I feel it is important to keep you informed about our alma mater.

As you may have noticed, throughout the year – and especially during the month of June – you have been contacted by students, alumni volunteers, and staff via e-mail, phone, mail, and on social media asking you to make a gift to Stevens before June 30.

You may be asking yourself, why does Stevens keep asking me to make a donation? You may think, I can’t give back enough to make a difference. Well, I am here to tell you that EVERY gift counts! No matter the size – $10, $50, $1,000 – all gifts made by alumni have a huge impact on Stevens' alumni participation rate.

Now, I am sure you are saying, why does Stevens’ alumni participation rate even matter? Alumni participation is a key indicator used in national university rankings and in securing major grants to support new initiatives. Your annual gift reflects your feelings toward our alma mater in a very simple way, whether it’s gratitude for your education, appreciation for the opportunities Stevens provided you, or pride in your accomplishments. When measuring participation, every gift counts equally no matter the size.

Stevens' participation rate is currently at 12%, which is among the lowest of our peer schools. We need your help to get to 18% by June 30. If every one of you steps up before June 30 and makes a gift of $10 or more, we can all say we have played a part in increasing the prestige of our alma mater.

Stay true to the Red and Gray, and join me in making your gift today! Make your gift online at: www.stevens.edu/makeagift.


Per aspera ad astra,

Tom Moschello ’63
Stevens Alumni Association