SAA Constitution: Article 5, Section 4 
“There shall be an Executive Committee of the [Executive] Council. It shall consist of the Officers of the Association, the two immediate Past Presidents, the Decade Representatives, the Graduate Representatives, the Chair of the Stevens Fund (if an alumnus), the Trustees of the Association, and the Alumni Trustees on the Board of Trustees of the Institute. The Executive Committee shall exercise the powers and assume duties of the executive management to the extent that the Council directs and as outlined in the Constitution and By-Laws. It shall render reports to the Council.” 
Meetings of the Executive Committee are held on the 2nd Monday of September, November, December, February, April, May and June in the campus’s Wesley J. Howe Center. 
In general, a light reception is held at 5:45 p.m., dinner is served at 6:30 p.m., and the meeting follows at 7:30 p.m. All are asked to notify the Alumni Office of attendance plans well in advance by calling (201) 216-5163 or contacting us.


Thomas Moschello '63
First Vice President
Joseph G. DiPompeo '98
Second Vice President
Victoria Velasco '04
Peter Bakarich '04

Executive Committee 
For more information, click here
Email: ExecutiveCommittee@alumni.stevens.edu  

Alumni Weekend Committee 
Chair: Nina Rogacki Pepe ’84 
Email: AlumniWeekend@alumni.stevens.edu  
Description: This committee is charged with planning and coordinating (along with the Alumni Office and Institute staff) activities for Alumni Weekend (first weekend of June). 

Awards Committee 
Chair: Wayne Monsees '71
Email: Awards@alumni.stevens.edu  
Description: This committee is charged with the task of proposing worthy candidates of the Stevens Alumni Award, the Stevens Honor Award, and the Harold R. Fee ’20 Alumni Achievement Awards to the Stevens Alumni Association Executive Committee (SAA EC) and/or the Stevens Board of Trustees, as appropriate, for final approval and to conduct the process leading to the SAA Outstanding Teacher Award and other award duties as assigned. 

Budget and Finance Committee 
Chair: Peter Bakarich '04 
Email: Finance@alumni.stevens.edu 
Description: This committee is responsible for annual budget planning and management. 

Classes and Reunions Committee 
Chair: Dolores LaMarca Wagoner ’79 
Email: Reunions@alumni.stevens.edu 
Description: This committee, which includes Decade Representatives, assures that every Anniversary Class creates a reunion committee which will focus class participation during Alumni Weekend, as well as class giving to the Institute. 
* To view the list of Decade Representatives and information for Alumni Class groups, please click here

Clubs Committee 
Chair: Ken Degraw ’57 
Email: Clubs@alumni.stevens.edu 
Description: This committee coordinates the efforts of the numerous SAA alumni clubs (affinity-based and regional). 
* To view the complete list of clubs and contact information, please visit our Clubs Portal. 

Long Range Policy and Planning Committee 
Chair: Victoria Velasco ’04
Email: LRPP@alumni.stevens.edu 
Description: This committee identifies issues that have the potential to impact the ability of the SAA to serve the evolving needs of alumni and the Institute and ensures that plans and actions are implemented to address these issues. 

Membership Commitee
Chair: Pete Queenan ’72 
Email: Membership@alumni.stevens.edu 
Description: This committee evaluates requests for membership from former Institute students (non-graduates). 

Nominating Committee 
Chair: Marty Valerio '68
Email: Nominations@alumni.stevens.edu 
Description: This committee collects nominations and subsequently presents a slate of candidates for annual elections of the SAA Officers and Decade Representatives. 

Communications Committee 
Publications Subcommittee 
Chair: Lillian Chu Zawislak ’04 
Email: Publications@alumni.stevens.edu  
Description: This committee is charged with outreach to all alumni via various media (Indicator, Alumniletter, e-newsletter, e-mails, etc.) 

Website Subcommittee 
Chair: Brad Miller ’06 
Email: Website@alumni.stevens.edu 
Description: This committee ovesees the SAA website. 

Social Networking Subcommittee 
Chair: Victoria Velasco ’04 
Email: SocialNetworking@alumni.stevens.edu  
Description: This committee is responsible for SAA presence on social medias (including, but not limited to, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) 

Scholarship Committee 
Co-Chairs: Tom Moschello '63 and Tom Bentey ’63 
Email: AlumniScholarships@alumni.stevens.edu 
Description: This committee works with the Alumni Office staff to determine the annual recipients and the award amounts. 

Young Alumni Committee 
Chair: Victoria Velasco ’04 
Email: YoungAlumni@alumni.stevens.edu 
Description: This committee is charged with making the SAA a visible, productive presence on campus, participating in/supporting current programming (Beach Party, President’s Dinner, etc.), and creating new activities where appropriate (Welcome Senior event, Homecoming mixer, etc.).