Longtime friends Paul Magnone ’88, M.S. ’93, and Christopher Frank ’89, M.S. ’93, have written a book together. “Drinking From the Firehose: Making Smarter Decisions Without Drowning in Information” was released earlier this month and discusses how today’s businesspeople are overwhelmed and confused by the amount of information they receive and don’t know where to begin to make sense of it all. “Firehose” discusses seven questions to ask to separate what information is needed to engage customers with a fresh perspective, which will reduce wasted energy and time. The idea for the book blossomed when Frank, vice president of business-tobusiness communications research at American Express, spoke about the topic at a conference and received positive feedback. Magnone, the director of global business development and alliances at Openet, a global telecommunications software and consulting firm, added his thoughts from a business development perspective, and a brief proposal wa written and shopped around to different publishers, with Portfolio Penguin optioning it. From inception to completion, the process took about nine months, with an intense writing period from September 2010 to December 2010. Each worked on the book while continuing in their busy lives, complete with international business travel, other work commitments, family life and vacations. Frank credits the book’s short writing process on their strong friendship, saying that their thinking is very much in sync and therefore, they often finished each other’s thoughts as they spoke and wrote. Magnone agreed that having a similar Stevens way of thinking helped speed things along. The two attribute some basic lessons learned at Stevens with helping them in their writing endeavor: dare to dream, tell a story and take chances. “This was a great journey,” said Magnone. “And we had fun doing it.” The book is available at major online retailers now. Please visit www.firehosethebook.com/purchase.html.